After touring Ireland almost every year since 2005 I have decided to pack it in. One final hurrah in July 2019.  Check out all details on the "dates" page.

I've started a songwriter network for gigs, co-writing and anything song related. If you are looking for songs or writers for House Concerts etc feel free to contact


  1. Gary Ferguson-
  2. Hank Wedel-
  3. Gary Alan Ferguson-
  4. Shane Sullivan-
  5. Roy Thompson-
  6. Mary Greene-
  7. Charlie Mc Gettigan-
  8. Joe Murray-
  9. Donna Murray- 
  10. David Dee Moore-
  11. Wil Maring-
  12. Johnny Tanner-
  13. Janet Henry-
  14. Andy Owens-
  15. Gail Wade-
  16. David Norris-
  17. Chris Brashear-
  18. Niall Toner-
  19. Mark Brinkman-
  20. Mike Burns
  21. Dana Cooper 
  22. Frank Goodman
  23. Silvio Ferretti
  24. Errol Walsh
  25. Gillian Tuite

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